About Women in Tourism

Women in Tourism was founded in 2015 by tourism industry professionals Holly Galbraith and Emma Castle.

After sitting through yet another tourism event where the audience was full of women and the stage was full of men Holly and Emma decided to investigate further.

This led to our first Women in Tourism event, held in Sydney on International Women’s Day 2015. After this event people were keen to stay in touch and develop the ideas further so the Facebook group was then set up. Things have evolved from there.

Women in Tourism (Australia) was set up with these aims in mind:

  • To see more women on the stage, sharing their stories (role models)
  • To create more peer-to-peer networking opportunities for women
  • To create more job opportunities for women
  • To raise the profile of women in the tourism industry
  • To encourage more women to apply for (and obtain) senior leadership positions
  • To support businesses owned and run by women, or those support women in leadership
  • To raise money for meaningful charities
  • To educate women about news, trends and research that is happening in the tourism industry
  • To create opportunities for women to help each other
  • To support and mentor young women who want to enter and rise through the ranks of the tourism industry
  • To see more women on tourism boards