A directory of female tourism leaders and experts who would like to be considered for speaking opportunities.

Ali Uren

State: Tasmania
Topics: Business, Future forward, Innovation, Strategy
Meet Alison

Amy Colli

State: NSW
Topics: Festivals & events, Food tourism, Regional tourism
Meet Amy

Amy Smedley

State: South Australia
Topics: Accessible tourism, Infrastructure, Innovation, Strategy
Meet Amy

Ashleigh Bartley

State: Queensland
Topics: Diversity in tourism, Indigenous tourism
Meet Ashleigh

Bronwyn White

State: NSW
Topics: Consumer behaviour, Marketing
Meet Bronwyn

Carly Hulls

State: NSW
Topics: Leadership, Strategy, Travel media, Travel startups
Meet Carly

Carolyn Childs

State: New South Wales
Topics: Aviation, Business, Consumer behaviour, Future forward, Marketing, Regional tourism
Meet Carolyn

Charlie Trevena

State: Western Australia
Topics: MC, Technology, Webinar host
Meet Charlie

Christine Retschlag

State: Queensland
Topics: Travel media
Meet Christine

Coralie Bell

State: NSW
Topics: Regional tourism
Meet Coralie

Deanna Varga

State: NSW
Topics: Business, Festivals & events, Leadership, Strategy
Meet Deanna

Dr Catheryn Khoo

State: Queensland
Topics: Consumer behaviour, Diversity in tourism, Entrepreneurship, Leadership
Meet Catheryn