Coralie Bell

Coralie Bell

Location: South Coast, NSW


Phone: 0421 287 777

Available as: Speaker

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Engaging a fresh perspective to tourism, Coralie Bell is a business and creative marketing professional. With a diverse career in a variety of roles and industries, Coralie has worked in and around tourism for over 20 years. From business strategy, networking, report writing and stakeholder engagement to press advertising, public relations and marketing, you name it, she’s done it. Known for being extremely motivated, organised and disciplined she’s not only used to wearing many hats, but thrives in an environment where no two work days are exactly the same.

Having started life as a child in a front line tourism business on the beautiful South Coast, she has a direct insight into understanding the demands on small seasonal business. Looking forward to today, Coralie is the Tourism Manager for Shoalhaven City Council (quick brag – the most visited regional destination in NSW). Whether running board meetings, coordinating marketing campaigns, presenting at conferences or stacking shelves at the local visitors centre – people and relationships are at the heart of what keeps her smiling.

Passionate about motivating teams and fostering relationships with everyone from Mum and Dad business owners to State Government organisations, Coralie is experienced in stakeholder communication and management. Importantly, she has been able to develop a detailed understanding of regional tourism and the local, state and national environment.

Appointed to ART Chair in October 2018, Coralie is passionate about regional Australia, both as a place to live and destination to visit. She is committed to working regionally and making a real difference to the Shoalhaven and greater regional tourism sector.


ART Chair, extensive experience small and large groups and media

  • Regional Tourism 
  • Mental Health