Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore

Dr Catheryn Khoo

Location: Brisbane, Queensland


Phone: 0468 938 072

Available as: Speaker


Dr Catheryn Khoo has a PhD in Marketing, and is a multiple-award-winning consultant and published author on cross-cultural consumer behaviour and inclusion, with a focus on women. She is a conduit between data and action – she generates customised intelligence and data to develop solutions for industries to make strategic business decisions that lead to practical action.

Through her role as the Regional Field Expert for the UNWTO/UN Women’s 2019 Global Report on Women in Tourism, she has professional experience in policy development work, including experience in formulating management, training and evaluation of programs for multicultural organisations. She founded Women Academics in Tourism (WAiT), which has now been cited as a best practice for promoting awareness on occupational sexism and providing resources to assist women with issues surrounding their career.

As the Editor-in-Chief for Tourism Management Perspectives (an international scientific journal ranked A in the Australian Business Deans Council), a former Fulbright Scholar, and former Second Vice-Chair for the Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE), she brings to the table, a high level of critical thinking skills and in-depth knowledge and understanding of people & management issues at play. She brings a deep understanding of the complexities of working in diverse cultures because she has lived and worked in Malaysia, the United States, New Zealand and now, Australia. She has also worked with clients in Singapore, the UAE, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal and India. Catheryn has spoken on many international platforms.



I’ve been speaking at international tourism events for the last 10 years, as a panellist, moderator or keynote. An example of my speech can be found on I recently presented statistics and findings from the UNWTO 2019 Global Report on Women in Tourism at the World Travel Market in London (I was the Consultant for Asia Pacific on the project).

  • Gender in Tourism
  • Feminine Leadership
  • Women in Tourism
  • Women in Entrepreneurship
  • Women as Travellers
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Tourism
  • Multi-culturalism