Ali Uren Founder And Director Kiikstart Ali Uren

Ali Uren

Location: , Tasmania


Phone: 0428 593 400

Available as: Speaker


As the Founder of Kiikstart, early 2008, my mantra is to provide businesses and individuals with the skill and tactics needed to design the future and keep re-designing it in a world that is increasingly disruptive.

People choose me when they want new ways to solve persistent business problems through the design of new business models and building of skill and talent within their teams. So they can keep up with the increasing rate of innovation.

My approach combines strategy, learning and development ,resource and process design plus real world trial and experimentation of new ideas that build the bottom line.


While I have over 14 years of speaking experience below is a snapshot of my engagements from 2018 to 2019 – prior to  Covid – 19. 

  • Australian Regional Tourism Convention
  • Building Talent Beyond 2020 – Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Australia
  • IPA (Institute of Public Accountants) Conference
  • Responding Smartly to the Age of Digital Disruption
  • Coca Cola Amatil
  • Grant Thornton Financial Advisory
  • What it Takes to Own Your Career in Today’s Marketplace
  • What is the Role of Local Government in a Modern and Changing Tourism Industry?
  • Jetty Road Mainstreet Association and Mainstreet SA
  • Designing Modern Bricks and Mortar Experiences with Impact
  • Capitalising on Regional Infrastructure by Adopting Innovation within Visitor Servicing
  • Leaders Institute of SA
  • Uberisation of the Workforce and the Challenges for Leaders
  • Public Library Services
  • Creating High Value Business Models To Remain Relevant
  • Tasmanian Tourism Industry Council Conference 
  • Delivering Exceptional Experiences – Getting Back End Operations in Order.

“Ali has encouraged us to think imaginatively, to be creative and to question work practices. If the actions don’t fit with our values/purpose and vision then they have no place in our life. Ali is a tenacious, tireless trainer who works from her heart, she is 100% authentic, what you see is what you get.”