Bronwyn White

Location: Sydney, NSW

Email: bronwyn@newyoungconsulting.com

Phone: 0408225766

Available as: Speaker

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Bronwyn White is an authority on the seniors travel and lifestyle sector. She is the CEO of New Young Consulting a market research and marketing agency that specialises in the seniors +55 economy and comes with 30+ years in the travel and tourism industry.

The seniors’ market is the fastest-growing yet most misunderstood market we know. What is phenomenal, is that the +55 economy is the third-largest in the world – 3rd behind China and the USA.

Yet is a sector that is largely ignored by travel marketers and innovators alike. Make no mistake, if you are looking for growth in the next 3-5 years this is the most lucrative demographic we will see in our lifetimes.

Even more so post COVID-19, they are the most financially secure and time-rich demographic and ready to take off and travel as soon as they can.

We will never again see a more cashed up and time-rich travel sector again.

The over 55’s market is the greatest untapped opportunity in the global travel industry.
They have the money to spend – more than any other generational cohort and the time and desire to travel.

In Bronwyn’s signature session, she busts 10 popular seniors travel myths and beliefs that are providing barriers to connecting with your ideal mature travellers.


I have had many years of experience speaking to both small and large audiences both in Australia and overseas.

Some of the conferences include:

  • Mumbrella 360
  • Mumbrella Travel and Tourism summit
  • Mumbrella workshops
  • Travel & Tourism Research Association International Confernce – Sydney and Vail, USA
  • Numerous regional conferences around Australia.

Key topic;

  • Marketing & Selling to baby boomers. The most cashed-up, time-rich travellers of our lifetimes.

I just wanted to let you know that I have had perhaps the most complimentary feedback about your session that I have ever received in all the events I have done for Mumbrella so far. So many people approached me with absolute praise for your session, our editor Vivienne said it was unbelievable and even the AV crew said they had rarely seen a more engaging session. Well done. I wasn’t surprised you were good, but the sheer amount of great feedback is outstanding.

— Damian Francis. Head of Content & Editorial at Mumbrella