Freya 2

Freya Higgins-desbiolles

Location: Adelaide, South Australia


Phone: +61406019222

Available as: Speaker


Dr Freya Higgins-Desbiolles is a multi-award winning researcher, lecturer and change agent that has worked in tourism management studies for more than 20 years. Her insightful analysis of issues such as human rights, social and ecological justice and sustainability issues has influenced tourism scholarship and practice. She is an original thinker, a provocative analyst and a charismatic speaker. Her original ideas on “tourism as a social force”, degrowing tourism for sustainability, “socialising tourism”, reconciliation through tourism, among others have shaped a humanistic and engaging stream of work that has had a positive impact in the academy and beyond. Her work has appeared in major news outlets, the Conversation and in tourism media circuits.


I have been an international keynote speaker around the world. I have presented interactive workshops. I have presented for academics, non-government organisations, political advocacy groups, community groups and the public. I know how to speak knowledgeably while being clear and engaging.

Topics include:

  • sustainable and ethical tourism issues
  • tourism management, particularly focused on local community needs, rights and interests
  • Indigenous tourism nationally and internationally
  • human rights and justice issues in tourism
  • ecotourism and ecological justice
  • a new concept of “socialising tourism” for social and ecological justice