Giovanna Lever

Giovanna Lever

Location: Sydney, NSW


Phone: 0412 664 335

Available as: Speaker


Giovanna is the winner of the 2020 SME Outstanding Business Leader of the Year, 2019 Telstra Business Awards Finalist and TED Speaker.

Giovanna Lever’s first experience of business was growing up and working on her family’s  large scale, horticulture farm in Bundaberg. Mentored by her father, she supported the operations of the family agribusiness. So business became a way of life for her – as natural as sleeping and breathing.

Giovanna is well known for building and transforming brands into sustainable business models. Her experience in change management and stakeholder engagement has her well known for her ability to bring disparate stakeholders together for the common good.

She began Sparrowly Group with a clear vision to help create better, sustainable businesses  backed by a better workforce for the future. She has been at the helm of high profile projects across many disciplines with businesses and brands across Australia and South East Asia including: Destination NSW, InterContinental Hotels Group, Macadamias Australia, Inner West Neighbour Aid, Tourism Australia, Ingenia Communities, City of Perth, Shepparton City Council, and IMPACT Community Services.

As well as providing strategic consultation for large and small businesses, she runs impactful leadership and development and reflective mentorship programs for small business and young people transitioning into or changing careers.

Giovanna has co-authored two research papers on accessible tourism and career pathways which has received acclaim from the sector and decision makers alike.

She is a regular guest lecturer at University of Technology Sydney and University Western Sydney and sits on School of Business and School of Behavioural Sciences industry advisory committees with both universities. Giovanna is also a board member of national charity, Mummy’s Wish.


I am a Ted Speaker, and have experience speaking at conferences, workshop and panel facilitation and executive presentations here in Australia and overseas.

  • Business Success
  • Business Growth
  • Mindset
  • Culture in the Workplace
  • Leadership and Development