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Jennifer Fein

Location: Melbourne, Victoria


Available as: Speaker


Jennifer is the CEO of the YouLi Travel Management Platform, the best software for organising group trips. Along with co-founder Bron Thulke, Jennifer has built software that serves transformational group leaders around the world and empowers these passionate people to create unique group travel experiences for their clients.

Like any self respecting travel tech guru, Jennifer manages her team remotely, motivating and inspiring them to help trip organizers provide the transformative experiences that today’s travelers are seeking.

Jennifer is a confident speaker and an articulate facilitator of conversations between stakeholders in the tourism industry. She frequently brings people together to discuss the big themes of travel and its intersection with technology, to identify patterns and predict the future of travel.

Jennifer was inspired to create YouLi when she was planning her own destination wedding in Jordan. As an American, living in Australia, marrying a Jordanian, she found herself coordinating the movements and activities of over 30 guests from half a dozen different countries. Her years of experience building digital products as an engineer and product manager for other organisations in America and Asia gave her the confidence to create her own platform (and test it on her friends). Soon after, Jennifer met Bron at a #shehacks event in Melbourne, Australia, and YouLi was born.

Jennifer is also the co-author of Ready to Start? Becoming an Entrepreneur in Australia


I have spoken at many corporate product launch events and facilitated a range of webinars and conversations between leaders in the field of transformational travel. I presented at the Women In Travel Summit run by She’s Wanderful and the Travel Technology conference in Sydney.

Topics include:

  • Expat life
  • Technology
  • Group travel
  • Transformational travel
  • How to be a digital nomad
  • Remote team management
  • Building Tech Stack for SMB