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Roslyn Ranse

Location: Port Macquarie, NSW


Phone: 0416123488

Available as: Speaker

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Roslyn Ranse has been helping her clients in her travel business for over a decade, working from home as a personal travel manager. A well-travelled professional herself and her previous career in International Education, and the Hotel Industry, Ros has built a multi million dollar business from scratch several times.

After having a child, Ros felt the weight of trying to do ‘all the things’ and enlisted help. Building her team to work ‘in’ the business, whilst she worked ‘on’ the business. Working smarter, not harder.

Travel Agent Achievers was born out of her passion to share her knowledge and expertise with her travel industry peers who knew how to ‘book travel’ but wanted to also have the ‘back end’ of their business running as smoothly as their clients’ travels.

With a background in Sales and Marketing, Operations and Client relationship building, she now educates others to not only choose what to focus on to help them grow their business but build their own knowledge and take action to build a sustainable business for the future.

Ros’ ‘can do’ positive attitude helps her continue to show up and support as many travel business professionals come through this time as possible. She does this through her high ranking Travel Industry specific podcast – Travel Agent Achievers, FREE resources, and through one to one and small group coaching experiences.

Her goal is to educate, encourage and inspire Travel Professionals globally to build the travel business they deserve.

Her ‘studio’ professional set up, her confidence on camera and clear speaking abilities have seen her be a well sought after speaker and co-host to business conferences online over the last 18 months and also speak at and host events in person.

She will continue to support and champion the Travel Industry she loves as well as her clients and looks forward to traveling again very soon.


– Host of the Travel Agent Achievers Podcast.
– Co-Hosted Business Blueprint conference in May 2021 in Sydney. I ran the virtual experience and bought the online experience to life. With over 100 people attending virtually over 4 days, this bought a lot of energy, thinking on my feet and personality to the program.
– Panelist for the itravel Conference 2019 speaking about Social Media and it’s importance as part of Marketing for Travel Professionals
– Co-Host for the Virtual Experience for Tina Tower’s Women Online conference, to be held in January 2022.

Speaking topics includes;

– Strengthening and Building Relationships with the right Travel Clients
– Building a Travel Business in Uncertain Times to Thrive
– Promoting YOURself as a Travel Professional to get paid what you are worth
– Scaling your travel business by doing more of what you love
– Systems in Travel will save you time and money, so why do we feel like we need to re-create the process every time?