Sydney July Lunch + Workshop: Asking for what you want and need in life and business.

Join us for lunch on Friday 5 July as we discuss with three amazing panelists the topic of ‘Asking for what you want and need in life and business’.

Our three panelists are:

Kait Rich, Executive Business Coach and founder of The Adventuress Experience

Sam Trattles, Commercial Deals Negotiator and founder of The Other of the Table and Author of “I Love Negotiating”

Ariane Virtue, Partner at FlexCareers

The panel discussion will focus on negotiation fundamentals, how employers and employees need to create a new flexible paradigm, and how women (in fact, everyone) can win at creating balance in their lives to relieve the overwhelm that many working people experience.

We will talk about balance, income requirements and professional development ambitions with self-care, fun, creativity andloving connections.

Lunch kicks off at midday and includes 2 courses with a welcome glass of bubbles. Other beverages can be purchased at the bar.

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If you’d like even more amazing personal development and the opportunity to delve further into the topic, we are hosting our first ever intensive workshop in combination with the mid-year lunch event

The Rich Coach, Kait Rich, will run a three hour workshop on ‘Asking for what you want and getting it’.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Getting in alignment with yourself and your core desires in life and business
  • Wiping away limiting beliefs that hold you back from asking for what you want and need
  • Enrolling others in helping you get those needs met
  • Resetting others’ boundaries and expectations for who you are and what you deserve
  • Creating the energy that has people be a YES to you and your vision

This hands-on intensive will help participants get clear on the self-sabotaging core beliefs that stop them from having what they want most – and will set them on a tangible path to up-level how they show up in their personal and professional lives.

The workshop will kick off at 9am and lead into the lunch at midday.

The workshop also held at Vibe Rushcutters Bay includes morning tea.

Tickets here

Looking forward to the special event!!

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